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BitherCash is a highly secure peer to peer decentralized cryptocurrency using the Scrypt PoW/POS (Hybrid) Algorithm with a self-regulated financial system which allows users to earn BitherCash through Mining, Staking and via Bitcoin.
BitherCash is unlike any other company out there imagine if only there was a company whose capital release be in tokens you lent them instead of USD; how cool will that be? Well that's where BitherCash comes in. As value of tokens appreciate, so does your investment! If an investor lends 100 BEC tokens at $1 and after one year the price of BEC token is $30, then they don't get $100 back (like all other traditional lending companies), instead they get their 100 BEC tokens back valued at $30 each, so their $100 investment in one year turns into $3000 and to top it all up we pay our investors an interest for lending them their tokens to BitherCash.
In the world of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and BitherCash coin are not much different, the difference is the opportunity as well as price. To buy a Bitcoin, you must be ready to shell out north of $7000, however, here with BitherCash the price is still relatively very cheap! A total of 55million BitherCash coins will be mined. This is done via natural supply and demand. The price will rise and fall accordingly through general market fluctuations but obviously, the more the demand, the more will be the price.
Click on forget password and a temporary password will be sent to you on your registered ID.
Two locks are better than one and that’s why BitherCash wants you to turn it on. While a strong password and a bit of common sense will go a long to keeping your accounts safe, enabling two-factor authenticators is an easy and free second step that's worth taking. After all, having your account hacked could put all your hard earned cash in danger, so if there were a simple, easy tool to almost completely prevent that, why wouldn't you? 2FA is merely a double-check that you are who you say you are. Think of it as two locks on your door: the first lock is your password, the second lock is a code sent to your phone. If criminals get their hands on one key, the second lock will help keep the door secure. Best of all, that second lock is usually something only you would have access to, but even so, it’s harder for criminals to get two keys than it is one. For more info on how to set it up please check video from Voice Of BitherCash here:
Please email support at with your registered email id and someone will get back to you within 48 hours.


Proof of Work (PoW) as the name states is the validation of the work that happened and proving it is correct. BitherCash coin follow this way of consensus to make sure the authenticity of the chain is good. To understand how it works in simple terms, assume that you are in a math exam along with other students in a classroom. The student who can, not only come up with the correct answer but, also can come up with the complete proof (steps in math terms) of arriving at the correct answer first gets the reward. As we know this needs the student with a lot of brain power which naturally consumes a lot of energy from the body. Now mapping it to the cryptocurrency world, “math exam” refers to the “transaction”, the “classroom” refers to the “world”, “Student” refers to the “computing hardware/computer” that runs the complex algorithms, “brain power” refers to the “computing power” and the “lot of energy” refers to the “lot of electric power”.


Proof of Stake (PoS) is an alternate way of verifying and validating the transaction or block. This will pick the Validator (Equivalent of “miner” in the PoW) by the amount of stake (coins) a validator has and the respective age of the stake. If you have 100,000 alt coins (let us say Nxt coin which uses PoS) in a wallet, it will have an age attached to it on how long you have it. Here the 100,000 Nxt coins are the stake. If you move your coins from one address (or wallet) to another, the aging gets reset. This amount is like the security deposit which means the Validator holds a significant stake in Nxt coin with good aging is more committed and combined with many other factors, will get a higher chance to validate a block. This allows building a trusted and distributed network with loyal Validators (high stake of coins). The Validators earn the part or whole of the transaction fee. In PoS, it is not “mining” but “forging” which is done by the Validator who will process and forge a block to the chain.
We are working on integrating our current site with BitherCash’s internal exchange and that will be made available to public soon. Till that time, our coin can we bought at this external Exchange ( - BEC/BTC):
With BitherCash you can mine. This also serves to secure the network and aid in the various transactions made for all BitherCash users. Staking will earn you from 1% to 8% (depend on the network weight) of your total amount of coins held in your wallet over the period of a year, and will start as soon as you have unlocked your wallet. Once you start to Stake, you will notice that a certain amount of coins will be placed into your Stake balance and those coins will begin to stake. The more coins you have, the more coins you will earn by Staking.
Staking doesn't need to do a lot of work, so the requirements are incredibly small. You would have a hard time to find a computer today that is NOT able to stake.
BitherCash will now have a new and improved lending platform consisting of 6 lending packages based on the amount of the investment. The interest percentage increases while the length of investment decreases with each larger package. The packages are as follows:
  • Starter package: $100 earns 1.5% interest for a lending period of 10 months.
  • Networker package: $500 earns 2% interest for a lending period of 9 months.
  • Bronze package: $1,000 earns 3% for a lending period of 8 months.
  • Silver package: $5,000 earns 4% for a lending period of 7 months.
  • Gold package: $10,000 earns 5% interest for a lending period of 6 months
  • Platinum package: $25,000+ earns 7% interest for a lending period of 6 months.
Due to the fact you receive your initial investment back in coins, it is not necessary to wait until the coin price increases to lend. Again, we repeat the value of the BitherCash coin is in the lending platform due to the concept of pure lending. For more info on how to set it up please check video from Voice Of BitherCash here:
For all new investors, BitherCash is offering a binary plan on all referrals. This plan is in response to the many networkers and investors around the world requesting binary incentives. Why? Simply because this plan increases the commissions for the referrals. The direct commission (first level referral) will be 10% on all first level referrals. Members will be placed on your right or left side. The choice will be up to you. Next, we are offering a binary bonus. This bonus can be up to 10% on your weaker leg depending on the amount you are invested in BitherCash. The percentages are as follow: accounts opened with $100 will receive 5%. Accounts with $500, $1,000 and $5,000 you will receive 8%. Accounts opened with $10,000 will receive 9%. Finally, accounts opened with $25,000 will receive 10% of the binary bonus only!!! The next change by BitherCash is the matching bonus. The matching bonus is based off of which specific package you are in with your own BitherCash account. The matching bonuses are as follows:
  • The networker package receives 5% of their level 1 referrals binary bonus.
  • The bronze package will receive 5% of their level 1 and level 2 referral’s binary bonuses.
  • The Silver packages will receive 5% of their level 1, 2 and 3 referral’s binary bonuses.
  • The Gold packages will receive 5% of their level 1, 2, 3 and 4 referral’s binary bonuses.
  • The Platinum packages will receive 5% of their level 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 referral’s binary bonuses.
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