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BitherCash is a highly secure peer to peer decentralized cryptocurrency using the Scrypt PoW/POS (Hybrid) Algorithm with a self-regulated financial system which allows users to earn BitherCash through Mining, Staking and via Bitcoin.
BitherCash is unlike any other company out there imagine if only there was a company whose capital release be in tokens you lent them instead of USD; how cool will that be? Well that's where BitherCash comes in. As value of tokens appreciate, so does your investment! If an investor lends 100 BEC tokens at $1 and after one year the price of BEC token is $30, then they don't get $100 back (like all other traditional lending companies), instead they get their 100 BEC tokens back valued at $30 each, so their $100 investment in one year turns into $3000 and to top it all up we pay our investors an interest for lending them their tokens to BitherCash.
In the world of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and BitherCash coin are not much different, the difference is the opportunity as well as price. To buy a Bitcoin, you must be ready to shell out north of $7000, however, here with BitherCash the price is still relatively very cheap! A total of 55million BitherCash coins will be mined. This is done via natural supply and demand. The price will rise and fall accordingly through general market fluctuations but obviously, the more the demand, the more will be the price.
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